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4DX Evolver

  - Nickent
The 4DX Evolver with Interchangeable Shaft Technology is here. The most talked about technology for 2008 is club adjustability, and the 4DX Evolver is the best combination of tour quality product, unlimited shaft options, and value to the golfer. Now, every golfer can enjoy the same level of equipment customization that players on tour have had for years. No matter what conditions you face, you can configure your club to help you achieve your best possible performance on the course.
  mlf16507 - 7/5/11
Best Driver I have ever hit! BTW, I have been playing golf for57 yrs!
  diegomirenda78 - 4/8/13
  tucano681 - 1/8/13
  nicklaus[FGT] - 12/19/12
  redinklius - 5/11/12
  sergtz - 5/2/12
  elindholm - 12/4/11
  gngmedia - 8/30/11
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