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The 905T is a Tour-proven driver that provides an optimal combination of ball speed, launch and spin for longer tee shots with a penetrating downrange trajectory. The 905T is a versatile driver with high launch and moderate to low spin characteristics.
  rmartin310 - 5/1/13
Looks good, that's about it, puts a ton of spin on the ball, this was the beginning of the decline in Titleist drivers.
  Sodasai - 4/27/11
Love it. I feel like I'm shooting the ball out of a cannon.
  K_Worls - 8/6/08
Can't be more pleased with this club. Love the control that I have with it. Purchased as a preowned club and didn't pay a penny for it due to trade ins.
  Rule13 - 5/28/08
Allows for my natural right to left ball flight, but I can hit it left to right when I need to. Purchased used, so the value was great.
  TerlGolf - 11/2/12
  mtnndeww1 - 8/2/12
  syl-63 - 6/18/12
  greg.wacker - 3/29/12
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