907 D1

  - Titleist
The multi-material design of the 907 D1 driver in combination with the triangular-shaped geometry and high MOI deliver maximum ball speed over a very large area of the face. The 907 D1 driver is designed for the player that is seeking distance and forgiveness, allowing them to hit longer straighter drives without hitting the sweet spot every time. The 907 D1, high MOI for distance with forgiveness.
  mattvenable129 - 3/18/11
This club is awesome. Very forgiving. Very long.
  Show-ley - 11/17/10
Within two rounds, my slice is gone. I hit hit 70% of the fairways. I drove the green on a short Par 4 for my first birdie.

Love this club!
  arnkim - 3/3/10
Not a typical titleist in sound, look, or feel. Balance of the clubhead seemed off during the swing. Distance and accuracy seemed alright.
  Benweiser - 6/15/08
Not the longest driver I've ever hit, but this thing has practically eliminated my slice.
  jcrissup - 6/12/14
  buckeye5547 - 10/22/12
  hchoi73 - 7/21/12
  kmdrac - 6/17/12
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