Bazooka GeoMax 2

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The second generation of GeoMax drivers includes internal weight cavities that push mass and the CG to the rear of the head for more stability at impact, while the 6A4V titanium face provides the max COR permitted by the USGA.

Available in 9.0°, 10.5°, 12.0°, and 15° lofts.

  holen1 - 7/12/09
I have the 12 degree draw. It's great for oob's that slice. I have a slow 80 mph swing speed and I average 200 yards with the 12 degree. I tested a 10.5 degree and I'm able to get 220 with roll. I get too high of a launch angle with the 12 degree. I obviously made the wrong choice in loft but I love the feel and sound of the GeoMax 2 and I'm able to hit the fairway a lot more. I will purchasing a lower loft driver in the same model.
  MrHack - 6/24/10
  Jim Bucklew - 3/16/10
  barango - 11/26/09
  Athan - 8/29/09
  smasoncup - 8/21/09
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