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  laylasowner - 4/22/09
Bought in summer 2008 for $25. My first 'real driver'. Strikes and sounds great. I can easily hit over 250 yards when I hit the ball properly. Has a higher 'ting' sound than most drivers and is lighter than my friends' Callaway and Nike... maybe because it's cheap. After dozens of rounds it's still in good shape and shows little signs of wear. Came with a cover. Company is from Portland, Oregon!
  Scarlet Tuesday591 - 7/16/08
This club is amazing. I bought it at a nearby Dunhams for only 25$ and it is worth at least 100$. I just started using it 2 days ago and I can hit it 250+ every time. I had a big slice problem with my old driver and this club eliminated that. I'm only 15 so for young golfers who want a cheap club that can improove your gameplay, go with this driver.
  David Maze - 4/26/10
  nedrob - 11/29/09
  Ben Still - 10/3/09
  soccerray2003 - 5/5/09
  base10 - 5/2/09
  Ecktor - 8/31/08
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