- Ping
The larger profile head creates a taller face and deeper crown for increased ball velocity and greater forgiveness to produce longer, straighter drives.
  davepm - 4/29/12
I have two 10.5 and 12. Love both of them. Lee Westwood still plays this driver.
  KidPing - 3/24/12
This baby makes me hit like a pro
  Palmettogolf - 6/28/11
One of the best drivers i have ever hit
  Lucky47 - 4/22/10
Hit the sweet spot or not, this club helps me keep up with the young guys.
  DFReuter415 - 11/28/09
I have the G5 and the G10 (9°, regular flex). Not much difference. Both are excellent clubs. The only difference is that the G5 has a Grafalloy Blue regular flex and the G10 is a TFC 129 regular flex. Right now my preference is the G5 because a a slightly more boring ball flight.
  Bretts my bitch - 11/12/09
Liked the G5 but the G10 is even better...can't wait to try the G15 and i15
  warbirdlover - 8/19/08
Best I've ever hit. And I've hit them all.
  Huntinbyrds - 7/5/16
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