- Cleveland
The HiBORE XL features a special geometry that moves weight lower and deeper into the clubhead, optimizing the center of gravity (CG) location for ideal launch conditions. For maximum ball speed, the XL has a larger sweet spot compared to traditional large-volume drivers and, paired with the deep CG, its high moment of inertia increases stability on off-center hits. The result? Greater overall distance and tighter shot dispersion over the entire face.
  rmartin310 - 5/1/13
Looks awful, but if you fight a hook, or want to bring your ball flight down, it's pretty solid, you just have to get past the looks.
  Eldersmith - 3/12/09
I have the XL and I had bought the Nike sqaure. I could not hit it for nothing so I traded it in for the XL tour which is open 3 degrees. Man What a diffrence as soon as I got use to it being opened. I'm hitting 280 power fades. Guys hate this I line up middle right take slight left middle and watch it fade right back to middle and just smile. Wish I had this one first.
  Fosterelli - 5/21/08
What an awesome driver. Feels like you hit it great everytime, right on target, my misses, are even on target alot of times, just a great club.
  Cando - 8/19/12
  john.e.weiss - 6/23/12
  Billy Ray - 3/13/12
  aricasata - 7/30/11
  legia - 7/26/11
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