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  - Cleveland
At only half a millimeter thick, the Cleveland Launcher Driver crown moves every bit of potential weight low and deep to improve the CG (center of gravity), optimizing launch conditions and maximizing distance. The sole's horseshoe weight pad also imporves launch conditions by localizing weight low and deep, imporivng both MOI (moment of inertia) and CG locations, while the largest Launcher face to date allows generous room for mis-hits.
  jacraven - 1/22/11
(UPDATE: Cleveland took great care of me and got me a whole new club, excellent job of handling my grievance.) After having this club less than a month, I have three nasty dents in the heel right under the clubface. This club hasn't been abused. It could only be from some type of miss, but I traded two good drivers for this one that I played for two seasons, and neither of those had such dents. To me, something seems very thin about the titanium used for the head. I am waiting to hear back from Cleveland if they are willing to replace the head for me. At least for the time being, I can't recommend this club. Take it for what it's worth. It could just be that I am a hack.
  cedric_vdb - 8/1/10
Same remark as jacraven about the bump on the heel. I got 2 nasty ones, which spoils the pleasure of owning such a pretty club.
Everybody should be allowed a oopsy shoot once in a while, especially on the driving range, but it seems the cleveland driver doesn't allow that type of impact on the heel from a overly open clubface. What a shame !
Apart from that it's a good driver.
  trcr2 - 9/18/12
  eperson2000 - 4/30/12
  1344120 - 2/12/12
  Pls2209 - 12/3/11
  bluejay76 - 11/25/11
  JeffBardel - 10/16/11
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