Long Tom

  - Cobra
This four-foot-long, ultralight driver is the ultimate weapon for jaw-dropping distance. The Cobra Long Tom Driver comes at the maximum length allowed by the USGA, with an ultralight and durable shaft, and with a Tour-style grip, all delivering the maximum distance possible.
  kampy - 4/28/14
Purchased this glub on clearance at my local Dick's and paid $80. For someone of my hight the shaft was way too long and not helping with my banana slice. I recently got it shortened and now I have a small slice but not nearly what it was. Overall a good club with no bells and whistles.
  douglugg - 10/1/13
pretty certain this is responsible for bulging discs in my back getting worse, because every time i swung this thing i tried to crush bombs, and i did. Nonetheless, one sure fire way to miss fairways is to be out with injuries, I may be sidelineing this one for a while for a shorter lighter driver more suited to me and my physical abilities.
  jvahlberg - 7/9/14
  riot1013 - 5/16/14
  tmarc - 2/25/14
  Bodhi-SB - 9/10/13
  ebollma1 - 7/8/13
  NickZ32 - 7/8/13
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