- Mizuno
The Mizuno MX-560 driver offers extreme distance forgiveness off the tee. The H.E.M.I. geometric head shape delivers maximum heel-toe and up-down moment of inertia and a precisely placed center of gravity for extreme forgiveness. The CNC milled, plasma welded CORTECH design utilizes multiple face thickness for extreme distance.
  bgoody - 1/25/10
Much easier to hit than my old 8.5 stiff driver. Distance is good when you hit the center but not nearly as far as my old driver. However when you miss the center the ball most often continues to go straight with very little spin. Hits knuckleballs that float and float. Very forgiving.
  cameronc - 5/2/08
I really like the club. Has quite a loud sound at impact, sometimes even hurts my ears a little. Catch it solid & the ball is really out there. Also good forgiveness, spin is reduced as well.
  7murph7 - 4/27/14
  RodB614 - 5/17/13
  jesse jed - 4/1/12
  rtesh - 3/21/11
  andrewbogan - 12/15/10
  Smith285 - 8/23/10
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