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The combination of TaylorMade Flight Control Technology and Movable Weight Technology make the TaylorMade R9 Driver the only totally adjustable driver on the market!
  bowerdm - 7/14/09
I would recommend this driver to most golfers, if you can afford it. It would be ideal for higher handicappers with inconsistent flight patterns since it only takes about 30 seconds to adjust the club and get a completely different ball flight. I like this driver, but am not in love with it. It doesn't seem to come off the face quite as hot as I had expected, and well struck shots do not produce as satisfying a feel as past drivers I've had. Once you've found your ideal ballflight however, it will produce a piercing shot with plenty of carry. Overall, a great driver from the company that produces the best, but don't expect it to completely alter your scores.
  jtabo - 9/16/12
  Yoliel - 4/4/12
  skidmarkou - 3/12/12
  VBACON - 12/27/11
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