- Ping
The mass properties of tungsten and titanium are optimized in the PING Rapture V2 Driver to create a high launching, lower spinning driver that delivers the performance expected from a multi-metal design. The visible, dense tungsten weight pads in the back of the lightweight titanium head expand the perimeter weighting and position the CG (center of gravity) low and away from the face.
  DRUMatthias - 8/12/13
I to this day, cannot find a better driver for my game. The quality of construction is art meets science perfection. The sound, the killer distance, the flight (with the right shaft for my game) & the durability are arguably unmatched. I'm impressed by a LOT of other drivers out there today but none impress me enough to get me to stop using "El Raptura." She's a beast off the tee that won't quit! Highly recommended even all these years later.
  daytripper - 8/18/10
Best driver,solid on impact,versatile on trajectory, and VERY LONG. On mishits it goes = 250 yds. And I''m 62yo. FOR SALE 9.5 Cleveland 460* Launcher stiff shaft and 10.5* Nike Dymo, Reg shaft.
  James Rydill - 5/6/10
staighter than my former driver. very long
  doctrdog - 6/27/09
I'm a good golfer but NEVER have been consistent off the I am! This thing is simply amazing!
  Grip N Rip - 5/21/09
Definitely the best driver I have ever hit. This club is awesome!
  leeheppjr - 7/29/08
Best club I've ever swung!
  Jim Bucklew - 12/31/16
  Benweiser - 11/7/16
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