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Speed LD F

  - Cobra
Designed for the fast-ball-speed player, which most golfers are, the all-new Speed LD F driver delivers an impressive 5000+ MOI for greater distance, accuracy and consistency. And the square alignment and precisely tuned clubhead and shaft generate high launch.
  buayakk - 7/10/11
Very powerful club.
  iluv5pam - 8/28/08
at first, i was not happy with the club at all. i thought it was the high launching head. then i realized how "snappy" and loose the stock Graphite Design shaft was, even in stiff. with my swing speed at 110 mph, i needed a much more "tip stiff" shaft. put on a grafalloy prolaunch red to solve the problem and reduce spin, and now instead of ballooning flight, the ball bores through the air and won't come down till its at least 290 yards away, and rolls another 15-25 yards. forgiving, great feel at address. it is a higher launching head with about 3 degrees of draw bias, but this thing always keeps me on the fairway or a few yards in the rough if i goofed one. great club. make sure you get fitted for the right shaft, or you will dread the results if you don't need a low flex point on your shaft.
  RZilla - 4/15/14
  TheBix - 3/1/14
  cddownton - 7/2/12
  T0AD - 5/26/12
  Rb15970 - 5/3/12
  mattneill - 4/15/12
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