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  cappy814 - 11/27/09
After using handmedowns all year, got this in October. Finally got everything grooved(tee height) and am seeing astonishing results. In addition to going roughly where I aim, the big banana slice has vanished. Im told its called a fade now. Distance increased from 175-200 up to 225-250.
  kld001 - 11/15/09
Reduced my slice significantly with this driver, now am hitting consistently 220 in the fairway. Very nice feel and flex, sound is strange at first but you get used to it. Great value and product
  rickmic - 6/10/08
I'm hiting a lot more fairways and my misses are not as far off. 460cc head but face is not as tall as most and I don't feel I need to tee ball up so high. Has different sound when hit, and look at address. But both are comferting once you start hitting it stright down the fairway. Give it a try you may be suprised
  regbes - 4/6/12
  NY917 - 5/2/11
  mychal - 9/10/10
  Reece07 - 8/29/10
  goinggoinggone - 5/13/10
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