AMP Cell

  - Cobra
Releasede in February 2013, the AMP Cell driver features a 460-cc and can be adjusted to 8.5°, 9.5° with and without a draw bias, 10.5° with and without a draw bias, and 11.5°.

The driver is available in several colors.

  alanjwalker249 - 5/28/13
Not going to make any crazy claims about getting 30+ more yards because that simply isn't true. What this club has done has helped me hit more fairways. Gone from 6-7 per round to 10-12 per round an that is a real difference in scoring. When you catch it clean it feels like hitting the ball with a slab of titanium, you can almost feel the ball compress. Even when you don't catch it clean very forgiving and misses are playable. Great Club - make sure to get fit!
  Shayan1121 - 4/20/15
  david5791 - 3/18/15
  M@rcelo - 1/17/15
  Super Tuna - 8/18/14
  ericford005 - 7/8/14
  oweno - 5/20/14
  dbigs44 - 5/2/14
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