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Burner (2009)

  - TaylorMade
The next-generation Dual Crown technology lowers the CG (center of gravity) location, creating high launch and low spin. TaylorMade's Inverted cone technology delivers a super-stable, high MOI (moment of inertia) clubhead design for increased forgiveness on off-center hits, sending them longer and straighter. SuperFast shaft enables explosive swing speed for even more blazing distance.
  douglugg - 2/11/14
First driver I purchased outside my initial starter set. Of course it was worlds better than the walter hagan driver. I'm slowly learning how good this driver actually is. It seems to get better as I get better. Ive hit quite a few drivers as of late. Actually just purchased a new Cobra driver that hit well since I'm looking for a replacement for this 09 burner as its getting beat up. However, so far I've had 3 other drivers and keep falling back to this 09!!
  cocofireah - 1/13/12
Cool. Replace a Callaway Hyper X with this driver last year and could not be happier! I
  dd71182 - 7/23/11
Tried the Burner out as a rental club when i was away and couldn't bring my bag with me. Loved the accuracy and distance over my old driver. Finally found one on sale and snatched it up. After playing a few rounds with it I wound up adding almost 100 yards of the tee(I was hitting some pretty bad steel drives prior to the Burner)and am now hitting roughly 50% of my fairways(sometimes I actually prefer to play out of the rough so that's where I put it, so it still wicked accurate), which is better than the one or two I was hitting before. I have no intentions of upgrading any time soon. Even as the newer models come out.
  jow80 - 6/21/11
I don't like the look, and it seems to have a shallow face because it is so wide. I usually hit higher up on the face, and it has a low COG for high handicappers (which I was when I bought it). It does the job though.
  swanman5454 - 6/20/11
Started swinging this driver this year and now wish I would have got it in '09! This is the best overall driver I have ever played. The combination of distance and forgiveness is outstanding! The workability is low but the majority of golfers out there will like being able to hit it straight off the tee. Go buy one, these can be had new for around $100 now!
  dylansmith - 11/16/10
golf clubs
  jsturdevant - 10/8/10
I can hit the ball a lot further and straighter with this club than I ever could with any other driver I have tried. It is a little plain in looks, but is a great value for what you get.
  ttaylor0024 - 4/14/10
This driver is amazing! I came to this after realizing that my swing is wayyy too fast for a flex shaft on my driver. Borrowed this from a coach of mine and I love it! I will end up buying one shortly. Today I hit a 365 yard drive, thats correct, three-hundred and sixty-five yard drive. Straight as an arrow. This club is just amazing!
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