Burner Draw

  - TaylorMade
The TaylorMade Burner Draw driver featured TaylorMade's SuperFast club technology to deliver extremely light total weight and a longer club length, resulting in faster swing speeds and added ball-crushing power. The club was available in 9.5° and 10.5° for both RH and LH, then in 13.0° for RH only.
  Sparticus 65 - 5/23/11
I have been playing with this driver now for 2 years - got it new for the right price. I like the way it sets up and overall very happy with this driver. I might look at changing to a stiff flex shaft this year.
  garthspaulding - 10/18/10
just bought this club on sunday morning #129 on sale. Saturday I hit my perfect driver [ great club - very straight - 370 cc - only 42.5" L ] & hit 78% of fairways average @ 200-225 yards. I have to swing very slow with an truncated back swing and place the ball forward in my stance so I don't slice, even with this short club. My first day out with the burner draw, after hitting 35 range balls, I tried to rip it a bit more & hit 86% @ an average of 225-250. The course is very hilly and has many uphill drives. My fairway percentage may have been higher if we didn't pound 2 beers at the turn and have to to wait 20 minutes to hit off of the 10th. { I only missed 10 & 11 }. So far, I love this club...
  Logs34 - 9/11/10
went to a pro shop to get fitted for a new driver thinking I needed one. Tested all the high end drivers. Come to find out the taylormade draw is the best fit for me and wish i could find another driver like this one. Hard to find. Now my son has used my driver and loves it as well as I do
  RoyMcAvoy22 - 7/13/10
I don't consider this club cheating because it's weighted in such a way to help me come inside-out on the downswing which I normally do with irons but have never been able to do so with a normal driver until I used this one. The face is actually a little more closed than I need but I assure you, this thing works and it adds 10 yds due to a slightly longer shaft (maybe 1 inch), and 20-30 yds because I now drive it straight rather than a fade/slice. Buying it used on EBay is probably the cheapest place to get it now.
  props123 - 7/21/09
After 20 years of golf, I can tell you this is the best and easiest driver to hit I have ever come across. I used to be a 200 yarder. This year I am averaging 235, and I have hit several 270 to 285. Crazy good driver. I recommend this one!
  BVGOLF - 5/29/09
Best Driver for the money on the market.
Paid $125.00 at a golf show..added 20 plus yards to drive and 20% more fairways hit.would recommend to all handicaps
  grand hawk x22 - 4/4/09
I got the draw driver to totaly take out the big slice miss i HAD, now its longer and straighter than i could have asked. Dunhams sports $149.99 Thats less than $2 bucks a yard!!!!!
  Steveberrywv - 1/30/09
Tried this club out last summer and it is one you just can't mis-hit. This club has given me more distance plus accuracy as well.
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