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Callaway Golf engineers set out looking for breakthrough ball speed enhancements that would set a new standard in a crowded all-titanium driver market. The innovative Hyper X Driver provides a new benchmark in performance with the introduction of Hyperbolic Face Technology, redefining the look, feel and speed at which golf balls leave the clubface.
  elodics - 6/8/11
I really like the head, but the shaft is horrific; if your swing approaches 90 mph consider a different shaft
  Banker85 - 12/5/09
good club agree about the shaft though, i have s-flex but still feels whippy. overall for the price it cant be beat $100.00
  EdMull - 9/22/14
  wadechalmers - 8/5/14
  jbernard14 - 6/4/14
  jpuzey - 5/6/14
  gorilla900 - 4/14/14
  pastoryusuk - 11/9/12
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