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This is TaylorMade's first driver to include their "Speed Pocket" technology, primarily to produce 200-300 fewer RPM, a lower trajectory, and more overall distance. As with TMaG's SLDR drivers, the JetSpeed features a CG positioned low and forward. The Loft Sleeve provides loft adjustments of ±1.5°.

The JetSpeed is available in 9.5°, 10.5°, and 13° (High Launch) versions.

  Bubba Scott - 3/21/17
This club is a beast. Good distance, good looks & good accuracy will make it hard to replace. I've hit 60-90% of fairways with it.
  xinranli0529 - 4/6/14
I would call this driver an amazing driver. I got this one after a club fitting, in which its average carry distance was already 10+ yards more than the total distance I average with the R1 I had been using, and was much exceeding the averages I got for the other 3 drivers I tested during the fitting. What's more valuable is the tremendous consistency it brought to me. I used to hit my R1 with ~30% slice, ~15% fade, ~15% hook and ~10% draw, resulting less than 1/3 fairway rate off the tee, and 1/4 of the time a penalty. With the Jetspeed, I am hitting ~70% of the tee shots within 5 yards left/right to where I am aiming, with occasional draws, and no slicing anymore. This has made me able to get more than 70% of the time hitting the fairway off the tee, and improves my score of at least 5 shots per round!
Also as it was advertised, this club indeed is more forgiving when hit low on the club face. It has happened several times already that I noticed hitting low and could still get ~200 yards distance (my average distance when hit well is around 235 yards). Highly recommend this club to those troubled by consistency, especially with a fade/slice problem.
  ptapaul - 12/20/15
  cgbanker - 10/11/15
  anthonyphamvga - 10/3/15
  zchenlic - 7/16/15
  jwtintguy - 6/2/15
  boroxc2 - 4/5/15
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