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Python XL

  - Snake Eyes
The Python XL is a super-forgiving driver engineered to deliver performance. By expanding the front-to-back breadth dimension and adding a tungsten backweight, the center of gravity (CG) location is more rearward than most 460cc drivers. This helps maximize both the launch angle and forgiveness of the driver. Python XL driver heads are right at the ceiling for the USGA's head dimensions - just under 5"x 5".
  umpiremark - 8/17/13
  oweno - 5/2/12
  Ed Hanna - 8/9/10
  adats - 7/8/10
  Lake Forest GC - 7/6/10
  Jim Bucklew - 3/16/10
  kbmcquain - 11/10/09
  Doc Watson - 10/13/09
Golfer Stats
Number of Users: 20
Average Handicap: 14.4
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