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The new Nike SasQuatch Sumo Driver has a higher MOI than original SQ driver at 4950 g/cm2 for greater forgiveness and increased distance. A larger and lower power bow moves CG lower and further back and further increases MOI. Get all the game-changing technology and performance that you've come to expect from Nike Golf.
  jeffgray - 3/26/10
Sounds like you crush the ball every time. This was my first high priced driver but it was well worth it.
  oneshot93 - 12/31/09
Great driver! Added almost 30 yards to my drive and I thought I was already hitting it far. Bumped me over 300 and I am consistently hitting them straight.
  SCGolfer - 8/25/09
I have the Lucky 13, senior shaft. I have no real complaints about this club. Its huge head makes it very forgiving yet its design and paint job give it a smaller, more comfortable look. I hit it about 5-10 yards shorter than my Callaway ERC but I hit more fairways with the Sumo. Less time in the woods with this club. Love the sound when it strikes the ball. Nice feel overall. A real find.
  nico13 - 4/21/09
makes a huge satisfying noise off the tee
  kicker - 7/25/08
it has a good feel and I like the huge noise it makes off the tee it added fifty yards to my game
  etholen - 7/23/13
  Alindh1 - 7/2/13
  TMFMT - 6/17/13
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