Speedline Fast 12

  - Adams
The Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver is the fastest, longest and most forgiving Speedline driver ever. It is powered by industry-leading aerodynamics that features new airfoil design elements on the crown and sole that results in 14% less drag and up to 3 MPH faster club head speed.
  Leanderthal - 2/5/12
I like the dull silver crown and matte black face. The driver is easy to aim and the face reduces sidespin. I bought the 9.5 and adjusted it to 10.5 which opened the face (helps straighten out my draw). This club is reasonably hot, and the accuracy is fantastic.
  cwmichael - 6/23/14
  lilfritz33 - 4/26/14
  diegoarq - 10/12/13
  Bert P - 5/24/13
  Bernie Duffer - 12/11/12
  Ironman_87 - 11/18/12
  Fore-Play - 10/14/12
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