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TaylorMade's r7 425 features a 425-cc titanium head with 28 grams of movable weight to customize for swing and ball-flight tendencies. The walls of the head are thinner than the original r7, allowing weight to be distributed deeper into the head for better trajectory. Accommodates players of all skill levels.
  Photomegus - 2/21/10
I've changed from a Cobra, which was deemed illegal for match play, to this, and I am struggling to gain the same level of control. I keep thinking I'll sell, then I find the sweet spot and I'm sold on the club. I'm an amateur; someone with a higher level of skill would get a lot more performance out of this than I can currently, however the scores stand as I find it.
  D.L. Lutz - 6/25/08
Being a low single digit handicap, the offset on this driver causes me fits. Everything goes left despite having the weights set up for a fade. It's probably time for the tour model.
  vjackson - 12/3/14
  Carlv - 4/13/14
  ldburns - 7/4/13
  fketchum - 4/23/13
  RYnocerous43 - 10/17/12
  unclejuh - 8/12/12
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