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Maximum Technology for Maximum Speed, Distance, Forgiveness and Accuracy. r7 CGB MAX Driver, For golfers seeking the best driver performance money can buy - they will get it with the r7 CGB MAX Driver, which combines the best of TaylorMade's metalwood technologies to promote maximum distance, ease of use, forgiveness and adjustability.
  mdibi55 - 10/25/10
Very forgiving!
  hukashi - 4/2/09
I really like the way this driver hits. I still kind of miss my R7 460 but this one is still good. The only gripe I had was with the shaft. It is too light and the flex is not that stiff even with the stiff rated one. I switched the shaft out to a Proforce V2 and all is good.
  Twistone - 3/16/09
This driver is the best most forgiving driver out there i will not swing another driver again the price is steep but if you can find it without all the shafts its a great deal
  m.angelucci - 9/30/14
  Andy Tám - 9/3/12
  brophybhoy - 3/28/12
  RPJ - 3/15/12
  bob8 - 3/3/12
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