FT-9 Tour

  - Callaway
If you've got the creativity in your game to imagine golf's most incredible tee shots, Callaway's FT-9 Tour Neutral Driver is made for you. Callaway Golf engineers were able to expand on the success of the FT-5 and surpass expectations with the FT-9. With the addition of Hyperbolic Face Technology, ball speeds across the entire face have been dramatically improved to generate even more distance off the tee.
  eigen137 - 8/24/10
Sweet club - one of the first big bad clubheads that you can easily get off the deck.
  bozy26 - 8/5/10
callaway spent a bunch of money perfecting the "sound" of this club. i love it. more of a traditional sound - almost sounds corked. not entirely important but since drivers are all pretty much the same these days, i opted for the better sound.
  sandmanspeaking - 11/8/09
Great driver, very much worth the money. I tried 10-15 different drivers and this one was by far on average giving me more distance than the others.
  c6969w - 10/20/09
i honestly hate this driver so much. i have honestly thought about throwing it out on multiple occasions.
i think it was a poor design to make the head lighter than the shaft, its ballance is so far up the shaft that it is rediculus. you feel like your swinging a wiffleball bat and the ball goes about as far as a wiffleball.
with my old driver callaway x460 tour i was averaging 308 with roll 290 carry. with the ft-9 i average about 270 its so frustrating i hate this club.
iv never had a problem hitting it strait so i dont really care about the workability but so for me its all about the distance and it is just so annoying
  CaddylackerJTF - 9/9/09
Great club all around. It has a great look at address (tour model) and a wonderful feel that allows work ability. It generates minimal spin and is easy to hit straight, though it is not as long as some other drivers i'll take predictablity everytime.
  BA - 9/8/16
  rmetz676 - 5/21/14
  onedollarwed - 4/10/14
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