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Callaway Golf engineers set out to set a new standard in a crowded all-titanium driver market. The 460 cc Hyper X Driver provides a new benchmark in performance with the introduction of Hyperbolic Face Technology, redefining the speed at which golf balls leave the clubface. Eight years in the making, our engineers have sculpted a more robust face that dramatically increases impact efficiency for greater distance on shots hit across the entire face.
  joshnkt - 5/13/09
Great driver. Simple shape. Sets up well. Easy to look at. You can really shape your shots with this one. However, This club is not for the hacker. It'll let you know when the ball's not struck well.
  vja430 - 6/17/08
Best thing you can get as a upgrade. You just have to get used to a new club and feel. Highly recommended.
  crimsongt - 11/5/12
  bogeygolf90 - 4/1/12
  rabblefrabble - 3/26/12
  KennyT - 5/3/11
  LegenW84ITdary - 4/14/11
  golfer7342 - 4/12/11
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