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Dean Knuth (pronounced Ka-nooth), a former Senior Director at the United States Golf Association (1981-1997) and the primary inventor of the USGA Course Rating and Slope System, has invented a new high performance driver. After leaving the USGA, Knuth developed a driver based on the principle that the greatest loss of kinetic energy at impact between a golf ball and a driver is the result of heat generated during the deformation (flattening) of the ball.
  BAKE_DAWG40 - 2/18/09
I bought this driver last July. It was a bit lighter than my SUMO 2(and 40 cc's smaller) and it threw off my timing a bit causing me to snap a few off. Played with it for the first time yesterday for 18 holes and WOW! After shaking off the rust, I was nailing my tee shots. I was on average 15 - 20 yards longer! If you have the money to invest in a driver, do it. You're not going to find this technology from any of the major manufacturers.
  Jim Bucklew - 3/16/10
  vmcollier - 1/1/09
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