S9-1 Pro D

  - Cobra
The S9-1 Pro D generates a high launch with low spin to promote a lower ball flight. COR-boosting Hotter 9 Points face technology with lightweight carbon composite crown. New clubface shape that transfers energy to the ball w/ maximum efficiency.
  Texasshark - 5/13/09
Wow, That is what this club brings, it looks great and performs unbelievable.
Matrix shaft is a plus. Had an R 9 which was the worst Driver i have ever owned and I have owned everyone out there.

Give this Cobra a ride, I think you will luv it!!
  weekendhack - 4/27/09
This thing performs. I've demoed A LOT of drivers, and the S9-1 Pro D is most consistently the longest and straightest I've ever hit. Stock Ozik shaft is pretty good for a "made for" shaft. Forgiveness is fantastic; you can hit it all over the face and get good results. Pure it though, and you'll be rewarded with a muted crack (not the shotgun sound of past Cobra drivers), and a soaring, penetrating ball flight. Ball gets up and really gets going for me. I find the Pro D a little more workable than the Pro S, but both are fantastic. The D is also a little more open (face angle: 2* open). I hate the stock grip, but that's easily changed. Definitely an investment at ~$400, but this is a gamer.
  rmartin310 - 4/29/13
  skia - 5/6/11
  TeT - 9/8/10
  mcgeier - 8/12/10
  wongmikey - 7/11/10
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