- Cobra
The Cobra ZL ("Zero Limits") driver is a multi-material design driver with a highly engineered structure that produces a hot face with superior sound. Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT) provides three adjustable face angles for optimal ball flights.
  AC Tones - 3/22/12
LONGEST driver I have ever played with, bar none. Get it in the sweet spot, and the ball disappears into the horizon. It is quite the sight. That said, DEFINITELY not as forgiving as my S3. The stock Voodoo shaft is not for everyone, let alone myself at this point. A couple pull hooks, a few down the middle, and a couple push-fades. "Operator error" for sure, but I am determined to master this club. An absolute steal off of ebay for less than a hundo!!
  preny - 7/15/10
Best sounding driver I've come across. This is the first driver that I've been able to hit super long yet still have confidence that I could work it either way. The stock Voodoo shaft is extremely playable, allowing for more than enough height but still very easy to keep low. The adjustable face is very straightforward (Open, Neutral, Closed).
  Ricardo Tovar - 2/7/15
  DaleD - 8/8/13
  SpankyHam - 7/14/13
  jbhiggins - 11/12/12
  louishead12 - 10/5/12
  okadaca - 8/27/12
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