909 F2

  - Titleist
A modern profile club head with a larger, longer face constructed from stainless steel body and carpenter steel face insert. High performance fairway wood that delivers a higher launch trajectory with a mid spin rate. Tour proven crown creates a low and deep Center of Gravity (CG) and a SureFit Swingweight for higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) and launch for long straight shots.
  Liem. - 5/20/11
Looks awesome. Plays well. More forgiving than you might think.
  majorduffer - 12/3/10
I just got the 3W and 5W which replace my pings. Love the way they launch the ball with a nice high soft flight. I'm now going over trees on our course on doglegs where before I had to try and draw or fade it around them. The Diamani shaft is an excellent combo with the club.
  dgranqui - 6/2/15
  gdan - 7/31/14
  brettmikoy - 6/10/14
  amzok - 3/3/14
  XLIVIGM - 11/25/13
  Kiwihacker - 10/23/13
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