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Black Steel

  - MG Golf
The MasterGrip Black Steel fairway metals have an aerodynamic, low-profile design that enhances clubhead speed. The body is cast from 17-4 stainless steel for strength and precise weight distribution. The clubface is made of Maraging Steel, an alloy that is 39% harder than the 6AL-4V titanium alloy used in many titanium drivers. The Black Steel is available in the following lofts:

Strong 3: 13°
3W: 16°
Strong 5: 19°
7W: 24°
9W: 28°

  MeanUncleBuck - 11/22/12
  daveyosh - 3/13/12
  cmrbobcat - 12/23/10
  resson - 3/1/10
  gwatts - 5/1/09
  sifuwk - 7/19/08
  dmorrow - 7/7/08
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Number of Users: 30
Average Handicap: 17.3
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