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The new XCG3 is Tour Edge's first fairway wood to incorporate a heavy tungsten sole and titanium body. Tungsten is two times heavier than steel allowing even more weight to be placed below the ball for superior launch characteristics. The sole weighs 126 grams and represents an astonishing 63% of the club head's total weight. This extra weight lowers the center of gravity for extra forgiveness.
  DCB63 - 4/30/12
I have the original XCG 5 wood in my bag since 2008 but recently picked up the 21 and 24 910 hybrids stronging the 21 to 20.25 so I picked up the 4 wood for the gap. so far so good.
  Putt4ourDough - 7/7/10
Have fallen for the Tour Edge Exotics line! The XCG3 launches the ball super high and further than my previous Titleist.
  HLA - 9/27/12
  mak52580 - 8/20/12
  syl-63 - 6/18/12
  NagleK - 5/10/12
  DazedPar - 10/27/10
  Fore-Play - 8/31/10
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