FT-i Squareway

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Squareway Inertial Design positions discretionary weight to the extreme corners of the FT-i Squareway Wood clubhead, raising the MOI for unparalleled resistance to twisting. This provides straighter and more forgiving shots hit over a wide area of the face. Fusion Technology construction combines a stainless steel face, sole and body with a lightweight, carbon composite crown, allowing Callaway Golf engineers to move discretionary weight where it is needed most, resulting in better stability and distance.
  hp - 8/30/11
The stock Fujikura shaft provides a nice boring trajectory. At first I was put off by the closed face, but after getting used it, I was bombing my FTI 5 wood as long as my 3 woods.
  qster11985 - 12/7/10
I love this club. The square head helped me straighten out my approach. i give it 2 thumbs up.
  crawdaddygolf - 6/12/09
Only paid a dollar. Wasn't looking for a 3 wood, but this one is hot and the ball comes off straight. I recommend.
  gkspelrem - 5/31/15
  efrem718 - 5/7/15
  petchbran - 6/18/14 - 7/22/12
  NnOaBhUo - 7/9/12
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