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  - Cleveland
For the FL series of fairway metals, Cleveland Golf engineers integrated Miyazaki shafts and Lamkin grips to remove weight from both the shaft and grip, reducing the total club weight by 30 grams. This lighter-but-balanced club produces faster clubhead speed, more ball-speed and longer carry for all shots, from the tee or fairway.

Available in 13°, 15°, and 19° lofts.

  preny - 4/16/11
Surprisingly good fairway. I thought I'd pick the R11 over this, but the Miyazaki shaft really makes the difference. The 3W comes in three lofts so you can pick your trajectory based on your swing and whether you use the club mostly for tee shots or off the deck.
  drialo1 - 8/26/13
  asholl13 - 8/4/13
  XBHSgolf6 - 4/23/13
  superscootkid - 1/12/13
  topomx - 12/13/12
  Miltonowns1 - 12/7/12
  Raptor_Wu - 11/11/12
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