Launcher Titanium

  - Cleveland
At only half a millimeter thick, the Cleveland Launcher Fairway Wood crown moves every bit of potential weight low and deep to improve the CG (center of gravity), optimizing launch conditions and maximizing distance. The sole's horseshoe weight pad also imporves launch conditions by localizing weight low and deep, imporivng both MOI (moment of inertia) and CG locations, while the largest Launcher face to date allows generous room for miss-hits.
  timrabara1975 - 12/22/11
Found a 15 and 19 degree for under 15.00 and Ill tell you this bad boys go!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the 15 off the tee. Nice and Far and Straight.......feels nice at impact as well
  MADAPOTHECARY - 11/24/15
  D-rok - 2/25/15
  pblaszka - 7/11/13
  bruner2170 - 6/17/13
  joseglezr - 5/24/13
  Todd1 - 5/10/13
  cjarosky - 7/1/12
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