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  - Adams
The Adams RPM Low Profile features a low center of gravity and a flared twin-rail sole to make shots from the turf easier than ever before. It will create a high, penetrating trajectory for more accuracy and distance.
  ronphoto - 1/29/09
High performance, high value inexpensive 5 wood. I have the draw version; draw weighting's results are subtle. It wants to draw, not hook, and only a little bit. Easy to launch high from both the rough and the fairway. Distance is appropriate for my swing speed. I found it easy to hit both at the range and on the course.
  brianwelsch - 4/25/08
Not sure what it is, but I love this club. Though, I can't really compare it other woods, since I haven't played much with anything else.
  klangdon - 4/24/08
I don't know why, but I just couldn't hit this thing. As a high handicapper, I think I just need a bigger sweet spot.
  guycorp - 6/6/13
  j.rowe59 - 4/20/13
  Tyler Connell - 3/30/13
  David_Rietter - 3/12/12
  dottomm - 1/6/12
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