Rapture V2

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In the PING Rapture V2 Fairway Wood, the density and shape of the tungsten sole plate positions the CG (center of gravity) for higher launching, longer flying shots. The concentration of the 61-gram tungsten sole plate, which represents 34% of the club head’s mass, allowed PING engineers to move the CG location lower and farther from the face for increased launch and lower spin.
  bcburr - 7/30/09
Love this club. I have been playing this club for about 3 months now and cannot believe the performance it gives me. I have to be a little careful because it is real eazy to duck hook it with this club. The only draw back is I cannot fade the ball with club
  MikeyPingJ - 11/2/14
  xyarza - 6/30/13
  Norboo - 1/29/13
  Yoliel - 4/4/12
  BasilK - 10/15/11
  PingRob - 9/6/11
  SammyHome - 9/1/11
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