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  - TaylorMade
TaylorMade engineers included two of the major features from the SLDR drivers in this hybrid rescue club, the low-and-forward CG (for faster ball-speeds and lower spin rates) and the "Speed Pocket" cavity (for face-flex). The company's "Loft-Sleeve" technology is also included; it permits the user to change the club's loft by ±1.5°.

Tour Spoon: 14°, 153 cc (RH only)
3W: 15°, 155 cc
3HL: 17°, 145 cc (RH only)
5W: 19°, 135 cc
5HL: 21°, 135 cc (RH only)

  cgbanker - 10/11/15
  timrabara1975 - 7/31/15
  ltc1978 - 5/22/15
  Vulehoang - 3/8/15
  maulira4 - 3/3/15
  khuynh858 - 10/14/14
  John55Ford - 8/22/14
  mjaston5 - 8/4/14
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