r7 CGB Max

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Get maximum speed, distance, forgiveness and accuracy with the technologically advanced TaylorMade r7 CGB MAX driver. Distinctively shaped with a triangular titanium clubhead, it also features TaylorMade's unique Movable Weight Technology, which incorporates a system of clubhead ports and differently weighted cartridges. Configuring the cartridges into the ports in different ways shifts the clubhead's center of gravity, promoting changes to the shot's direction, height and distance.
  PapaJoe - 6/13/08
If you ain't tried it, TRY IT! You'll like it, you'll love it. No need to move the weight screws! Rare back and beat it, draw it, fade it, hit it straight, hit it long. What a club!!!
  GabeCapJr - 7/5/14
  deejayyoung - 12/2/13
  goomba - 9/7/13
  jut $ - 6/28/13
  oriox - 2/1/13
  Andy Tám - 9/3/12
  kietd - 2/26/12
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