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This TaylorMade r7 Draw Fairway delivers more power and superior ball flight for more distance. It features Draw-Weighted Technology which helps square the clubface fast at impact to promote a draw. The low and deep-back CG to launch the ball high and long with ease and the lightweight, soft-tipped graphite shaft encourages faster swing speed and a high, right-to-left flight.
  Wasper007 - 6/13/08
I bought this club a few months ago and love it. The ball jumps off of the face.I tend to fade/slice the ball and this club hits straight.
  S Morris - 2/8/15
  foxavier - 2/17/14
  Golfer82d - 6/8/13
  leejoon694 - 5/21/13
  t0mb0 - 5/20/13
  jspain1330 - 3/18/13
  tcyr10 - 1/6/13
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