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The Bionic Golf Glove was designed by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon to be a unique "hand supportsystem" for golfers.
  JPW1994 - 1/16/10
Great glove. I developed nerve problems in my hand, wrist and arm from gripping too tightly and over-use. This glove has really helped me change my swing from the grip up, without the impulse to fall back into bad habits. Not to mention the durability as previously mentioned.
  liliej - 6/30/09
Awesome glove. Costs about twice as much as a normal glove, but lasts at least twice as long. The leather is great... always stays soft, and it always fits well.
  wordent - 3/11/09
Glove is great! Had one that lasted all last season. just pop it in the wash and let it air dry and it is good as new. Great glove that lasts.
  iluv5pam - 8/28/08
have gone through every manufacturer there is for gloves. most break down fairly fast and don't provide enough support. by far and wide, these have outlasted the other gloves, felt better (good leather), and provided me the necessary support i need on my hands. i love this glove and will never cheat on it. the only thing you need to do is get used to the feel. it is a bit "tuffer" and/or thicker than the usual cabrera leather glove. but it does mold to your hands very quickly and provides good support on all of those joints in your hand.
  skribbleman1 - 6/26/15
  David_Rietter - 3/12/14
  matthewdill83 - 4/22/13
  Tbone127 - 10/16/12
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