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X Spann

  - Callaway
This high-end golf glove features soft Cabretta leather on the full palm. Microfiber suede-silicon Chevron Tension Sensors on are on the ring and pinky fingers. "3D" performance mesh is used on the back of the hand, while the "compression fit" means not having to use an adjustable strap.
  seminole07 - 10/14/13
Most comfortable glove I've ever worn!! (no exaggeration)
No seams on the back of the hand = no uncomfortable rubbing. Truly fits like a second skin with great feel and response.
A bit pricey ($19 at Dick's) for a beginner, but well worth the money for an experienced golfer.
I've worn it for 8 round so far this summer and it shows virtually no wear of use. (I seal it in a baggie between rounds to keep it soft)
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