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The Ogio Chamber Cart Bag has several amazing features that make it one of the most high-performance bags on the market. One of these features is the Silencer Club Protection System, which protects your clubs while reducing the clanking sound they make during travel.
  mossgaboss - 6/18/13
Great the lock in feature that keeps the clubs from rattling. Wish the ball pocket was a little more secure. It's good for about a dozen balls without staying open. I get lots of compliments on the way it looks. The durability is lacking. The piping began to fray after about 3 months. I generally play 2 times a week. I have had the bag just over a year and now the cloth cover around the top of the bag is starting to seperate. Other than that...lots of good storage. A little pricey for the quality IMHO. I probably would not purchase again.
  mbagnola - 10/9/12
  JSwap - 4/20/12
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