Superlite 3.5

  - Sun Mountain
The Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5 Stand Bag reigns again as the lightweight champion. Weighing in at just 4.6 pounds, with a new patent-pending, 10" oval, four-way top with three integrated handles, this champ is better than ever.
  georgelohr - 5/15/10
Like wannabe one of my legs bent a little in the first week, but 5 months later it is still holding up. And the straps fit poorly, but not uncomfortably. *update*: 100+ rounds later (mostly walked) and it is still holding up just fine. Great bag.
  wannabe - 8/7/08
I think this is a very poor designed bag. It is very flimsey and I do not like the way the straps fit. I have only had this bag for 2 months and already one of the legs is partly bent.
  dgranqui - 6/23/15
  SilverSliver - 5/14/14
  bertram8203 - 12/29/13
  luhutchi - 9/14/13
  CostaRaptis - 5/17/13
  janguia1 - 1/3/13
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