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  SteveMM - 3/9/12
Great ball for the price. Good mix of feel and distance. Plus, you can frequently find them very cheaply.
  TatoMartinez - 7/14/11
nice ball, nice price, i'm 8 hdcp player and i win distance and contrl in the green.. it's a little clanky with the putter
  Rebelinst - 9/19/10
I like this ball better than the D2 Gamer. Very crisp with my irons. It is "clicky" when putting. The best ball for the money. Period.
  greendevil - 9/25/09
Good ball for the money; good feel and good distance.
  vinbruce - 8/1/09
Great ball for me 13 hdcp.
I don't spinn much; but this ball does what I want on greens; no excessive roll.
Distance is very good also. Not the longest; but the combo of good distance and good feel is what I want.
  David Yurik - 7/17/09
2009/07/16 I shot a par 3 today with this 2 piece. It's definately not the same as the 3 piece NXT tours I usually hit. The reviews were good so I gave it a try and for the money I doubt you could beat it. I paid $14.99 at Target for a 15 pack. The ball did still move back on the greens for me sometimes. I shaved the cover just a bit with a 120 yrd PW and it just stayed in place. The NXT will come back 8 to 12 feet for a similar swing. It felt identical to the NXT on the green with the putter. IMHO if your working the ball get a 3 piece. I will probably try the TF Gamer before going back to the NXT.
  grovesidekid - 7/23/08
Great Ball, especially for the price. I am not sure where Dave's comments are coming from. Then again he is a 7 handicap, so he may know a little more about spin.
  Sugalan - 5/17/14
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