- Top-Flite
Top–Flite has taken the benefits of their proprietary Dimple In Dimple aerodynamics and wrapped it in three–piece construction. They are intended for golfers seeking a long, soft ball with more short–game spin for better control off the tee and around the green. The thin cover is made of a soft ionomer, but combined with a firm ionomer boundary layer and a highly resilient rubber core.
  Jerry Giaimo - 11/29/11
Just try them. You won't believe it.
Good distance
Fair to good spin around the green.
Can't beat the price for a ball this good.
  EValP - 11/18/09
Overall this is a great ball for the price. A three piece ball for around $20 a dozen is a great deal. I get great distance a feel off the tee and feels very competent on the greens. Irons can produce a lot of spin because of the softer skin and I like that. As a result, the cover does scuff but I don't find it to be too bad. For the price, this is a great ball.
  cheymike - 10/18/09
I'm like tedkendrick. I'm torn about this ball. I liked the feel, and compared to the balls I usually play, I got 5-1 more yds out of it. But hit it with some spin and you can see the hairs from the cover before you even get close to the ball again. They were long and straight and held the green well... but at a sleeve a round... hmmmmm.....
  jjeffreys - 7/13/09
I have now played three rounds with the Gamer and I have very mixed feelings on it. The ball flies and feels about the same as the NXT Extreme/Tour BUT... It does shred very badly. Each shot with a wedge either full or 3/4 tares up the cover. I expected the soft cover to rip up but not to the extent that this does. For the Price, 2dz @ $35 at GG, it is still a good buy though if you lose balls alot.
  tedkendrick - 7/10/09
I'm torn. The Gamer is a great ball performance-wise, but they don't last very long. They will scuff off the tee even with mid-irons and wedges slice up the cover from the very first hit. Pro V1's seem to last longer before they start to show as much wear. Not sure $20 is a great deal per dozen when you go through a sleeve per round.
  GLB - 7/6/09
I may have to buy another box after reading all the good comments in here and other places...the ball to me seems to be rock hard, maybe I just got a bad box of balls.
  kayswah - 5/27/09
Amazing how much spin is generated from an iron shot into the green. Haven't felt like I've lost distance off the tee either. For the price, this ball is great. A bad shot will scuff the ball up pretty good, but that's the chance you take with such a soft ball.
  Howzit - 9/8/08
Great Ball!!! I'm really impressed with the ball for the price. The ONLY downfall I have found is the same as PubRat...The cover gets hairy with all the irons.
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