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The Callaway HEX Chrome Golf Ball is the best three-piece urethane ball Callaway has ever made. It is noticeably softer, more durable, and has the best HEX aerodynamics developed. Better accuracy, more spin around the greens, and penetrating Tour distance is now obtainable.
  alanjwalker71 - 4/23/12
Just bought a box of these to compare to ProV1 and Penta. Certainly better distance since these are designed for sub-100mph swings so you get better compression. Performance around the greens is equivalent to the Tour $40+ balls. They do wear a little worse compared to TM TP3 but I have typically seen that with all softer Callaways. Tour ball performance for $10 less - good deal.
  stedar - 11/30/12
  pinseeker101 - 8/10/12
  BK Smith - 8/9/12
  Bradynel - 7/8/12
  SydneyxB - 7/1/12
  mocozeke - 5/3/12
  ALGERNON - 4/8/12
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