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  birdieXris - 3/13/12
Great ball. If you're looking for performance AND distance for the price of a cheap ball this is the one. I'm getting great performance on my shots. I switched to these from a Pro V1X. I tend to destroy balls, even durable ones. It got expensive with the PV1. I like these new Tour balls. They're fairly durable (at LEAST 18 holes from one ball), I can spin them, i can roll them, and they have a nice feel and "crunch" sound coming off the irons. Diggin this ball.
  Lucky47 - 1/16/15
  Jerry Giaimo - 8/26/14
  bnwarwick - 8/2/14
  onedollarwed - 4/10/14
  ER - 7/11/13
  hughesj - 3/2/13
  mrcgamble - 1/12/13
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