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The longest 3-piece golf ball in the Callaway Golf lineup is now even longer with better feel. Our longest 3-piece golf ball just got a distance upgrade with better feel. The new HX Hot Plus continues to push the boundaries of ball speed allowed under the rules of golf. The new high-speed hot core has a higher resiliency for even longer distance while providing the enhanced feel preferred by better players.
  greendevil - 9/25/09
Won't use these balls again; not the right ball for me. Too much spin and not a durable enough cover.
  bellcpr - 8/5/13
  hughesj - 3/2/13
  kronik - 8/8/12
  MrHack - 6/18/12
  marlinsjh - 6/5/12
  Happy Gill - 5/13/12
  texastechpt - 3/12/12
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