One Tour

  - Nike
Engineered for tour-level accuracy, control, distance, and feel, the Nike One Tour golf ball is a 4-piece golf ball with a seamless urethane cover. Its Power Transfer Technology utilizes an advanced polymer layer that maximizes distance, control, and velocity on every shot.
  oneshot93 - 12/31/09
I think I lost about 15-20 yards using this ball. I'll stick with Pro V1 thanks.
  scottjl - 7/26/09
These were on sale for $30 a dozen so I thought I'd give them a try. I usually play Pro V1's and I was pleasantly surprised with these balls. I could stop the ball on the greens and hit just as far as the Pro V1's. My tee shots were straighter also. I have found a new ball, especially when they are on sale which Pro V1's never seem to be.
  hh - 5/26/09
Horrible Ball I lost 30 yards off the tee from ProV1 and there the same price. you are wasting your money if you buy this ball> Horrible
  brianbenbow - 9/23/13
  jtspeed3 - 5/4/13
  magiceye - 3/20/13
  slang21 - 1/20/13
  ccombs - 9/3/12
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